Week 5 Recap: Forever Young

It’s taken me awhile to write this recap – it’s been hectic and busy since the end of the 4th week. I can’t believe the 7th week is almost finished (in real time).

Week 5 started off with some bad news I learned that a sorority sister from my Greek days at The Ohio State University had unexpectedly died with her mom while walking on Sunday evening. It’s a tragic accident and the death hit me hard. Harder that I ever would have expected…she’s my age. How is it possible that at 29 she’s gone?

Monday morning we had another beautiful class with Raj. She’s an amazing teacher and her is like velvet – honestly it is. It’s so beautiful and she’s so connected with the words and your body – it’s impossible to not hold a posture for her. She makes you a better student with her energy and love that shares in the hot room. After the class we had our first lecture with Raj where she focused on Spirituality, Yoga, and Science and our final anatomy test! The key from her lecture was “Science is explaining the yoga. Yoga is the science of belief.” It may sound a little crunchy but it’s so true – we’re always looking to science for everything but really the yoga is a part of that process. I know many folks that needed knee, back, and a whole host of other surgeries but they started practicing Bikram Yoga and with time they no longer needed surgery. We had a woman at our studio that was diabetic and started taking class – after a consist practice she went back to her doctor and her sugar levels had dropped significantly to the point where she no longer needed insulin. Was it the yoga or did she change her diet? It was the yoga. Yoga has the power to heal you when science can’t!

During her lecture Raj said Find Your Weakness and Make It Your Strength” – I love this! And it’s something that I’m trying to actively work on. My biggest weakness is that I hate being vulnerable – I struggle with letting people in (like really in!) so I decided that I’m going to make being vulnerable a strength. And when you really think about it – it is a strength to have the courage to let someone know everything about you and trust that person to not hurt you. This can apply to family, friends, significant others, etc – it’s an area in my life that I think has been holding me back for quite sometime and I’m officially embracing being vulnerable. Right here! Right Now!

Posture Clinic continued this week with balancing stick, separate leg stretching, and Triangle. Balancing Stick is the last posture in the balancing series and it’s intense – it’s a 10 second posture that requires you to use your every muscle in your system rushing the blood from one side of your body to another. It’s basically creating a mini heart attack so that you don’t have one in my real life. You’ve got to use 100% of your strength. I had a difficult time delivering this posture as I had just found out about the death of my friend and only had about 45 minutes to process it before signing in for posture clinic and needing to deliver/demonstrate. I wasn’t in the best mindset but I went up there and delivered the posture – basically I just spit the words out. I got them in and I got them out. There was no energy – I’ll be completely honest about that. But I did it. The lead for our posture clinic wanted me to do it again but I didn’t have the energy to do it – she made me stay after to “talk” to her but honestly she just talked at me. I’ve never met someone lacking such compassion as her – it’s a real shame because I really liked her at first and I think she’s a great person but I’ve lost respect for her. And I believe quite a few people have as well due to their own experiences with her…

Luckily, my group was amazing in my time of need and really supported me. I’m very lucky to have such a great group of people to rally around me when I’m struggling to process something. I didn’t share what had made me upset but the fact that my group came to my aid when I have having a hard time was very touching. Remember I had just met most of these folks during Week 3 when we started posture clinic so it had only been about 2 weeks that I had really known them – this is such a great community of support. And it’s not just at the teacher training – it’s worldwide.

I finally broke down and cried during class on Tuesday morning – I had been waiting for the emotions to come out; about everything – the death of Jessica and a whole host of things that have put me on this amazing journey. This experience has really allowed me to be really open and honest about valuing my life and my place in the world.

Bikram returned on Tuesday! There was tons of rumors going around about the boss being back and he was going to make us watch a movie and do this and do that….no one ever really knows what’s happening at training so the rumor mill can get quite crazy. He taught the evening class and per usual is was a long class (most of his classes are in the 2+ hour range; Bikram Yoga is a 90 minute class) but we got through it and he was very happy with our progress. Collectively as a group we’re looking strong and my struggle postures are beginning to really improve. That night Bikram lectured picking up right where he left off on the topic of discrimination which is where he had left us two weeks ago – He shared stories about his best friends – one a black man from the south; the another a Muslim. He kept focusing on why shouldn’t he be friends with them because they have different religions or skin tones? Nah. We’re all humans. This is a point that Bikram keeps making the importance of realizing that we’re all human – and in being human we have humanity and spirituality which allow us a deeper connection with each other if we let it.

As the week progressed with had more posture clinic with fabulous visiting teachers from all over the world – my group got a teacher from the UK, Atlanta, Bali, Brasil, and Europe. The postures that we delivered I had learned in Anatomy the week prior so I was feeling confident in delivering them but it was difficult cause my nerves can get the better of me. I get nervous going up in front of the group (15 & another) to deliver the dialogue to my “students”. I’m not quite “seeing” the bodies or the lines yet – I’m just saying the dialogue. Most of the feedback I received was positive but I need to work on intonation with my voice and having more energy when delivering the dialogue to connect my students with the words.

Raj had another lecture this week and she started her own posture clinic where she really broke down the medical benefits of each posture. Which glands are being use in which postures…we had already learned most of the glands in anatomy so it was nice to get a better idea of how the posture really works the system inside out. Students were brought on stage to demonstrate postures that they had questions about alignment or anything in particular to them. She also showed us how to correct students and help them in postures in they aren’t able to go deep due to back or knee issues or other issues that they may have when they walk in the door for their first or 50th class.

We also had a lecture on opening a studio and what are some of the requirements to open a Bikram Yoga Studio.

Bikram had a special lecturer for us that lectured on India and Yoga. He is the leader of one of India’s leading political parties.  He got a standing ovation for his lecture which was very interesting and brought up a lot of questions about disassociation, detachment and expectations.

As we moved to the end of the week, I went to down to the beach to say goodbye to my friend. She loved the beach and I thought it would be fitting to say goodbye at a place she would have loved. I played Jay-Z’s Young Forever which was her motto – she always wished Happy Birthday by simply saying “Forever Young”.


Week 4 – The Mrs. has arrived

Week Four ended with a bang – Mrs. Rajashree Choudhary arrived on Friday evening along with her daughter and taught our Saturday morning class. It was amazing but before I start telling you about the class of the week let’s start at the beginning.

I woke up very tired on Monday after a rainy weekend of studying, sleeping, and not doing much. I stayed up pretty late on Sunday chatting with friends on the other side of the world and watching The Good Wife. I know it’s crazy but I really miss TV alot. Like a lot a lot. I’ve been downloading (and buying!) my shows on Amazon Prime – I’m caught up on How To Get Away With Murder (so good…), The Good Wife (ahhhmazing) and The Mindy Project (Danny Castellano strip tease to American Woman is giving me life life life!). Anyway, I stayed up way to late watching tv so was quite sluggish on Monday morning when I walked into the hot room. They changed our line assignment in the 4th week so I’m know practicing with the G’s. I’m a P (as in my line assignment group – my last name still is a T). It’s always interesting when you start practicing with a new group of people because you get into a bit of a rhythm with your old group and you’ve got to step out of your comfort zone and find new friends. Luckily, this past week I’ve mostly practiced near a new friend (I’ve forgotten where she’s from) but she’ll be moving to Australia in December like me so that’s a win win because I’ll have another buddy in Sydney! Anyway, class on Monday was a bit hard but I was able to pull through and get through all of my postures. No matter how tired I am mentally, physically or emotionally, I must admit that my practice is getting stronger and stronger and stronger.

We had our first anatomy test that afternoon and I’m pretty sure I aced it. That baby was a piece of cake (standing bow pulling pose!) because the doctor basically gave us all the answers in his model questions! Which was helpful because when I wasn’t paying attention in class I was studying the dialogue so I was grateful for the answers and the refresher he gave at the end of week 3.

We had more anatomy this week covering the digestive, endocrine, and urinary systems. Our final is on Monday October 13th.

Classes for the rest of the week in the evening were a little tough – we got hit with a crazy storm that made Thailand more humid than ever (didn’t even realize that was possible!). Our nurse taught class on Tuesday in the evening and it was absolutely miserable. Bless her because her energy was up and she was working very hard with us but the room was hot and unbearable and we were dropping like flies. Many of the folks that I had been admiring were sitting out of the postures – it was one of the toughest non Bikram taught classes (as in Bikram is the teacher – remember he’s a real person; Bikram DOESN’T mean HOT) that we’ve had. But we got through it with the help of a each other energy and support. They’ve stopped letting people leave the room unless you’re going to throw up so when people would leave their mats they would just be told to sit near the door until they could go back to their practice. Yes, people did leave the room in the first two weeks…because we’re adjusting to the heat, climate, humidity, food, etc but for the most part we’re staying in the room and on our mats! My goal is to never miss sign in and never leave the room!

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only hard class of the week. We had another crazy one on Wednesday – if I could describe that class in one word I would use CONTEMPT. It was just pure pure misery and the energy was down in the room – it was a long class almost two hours and the heat was on full blast and it wasn’t a class I enjoyed. I knew it was going to be a long one when Half Moon (posture #2) was a least 15 minutes…usually in the room I like to sit on the far left (stage right) near the mirrors so I can check myself out (surprise! surprise!) from the side and make sure my alignment is correct. I started the week in the back rows so I’m not able to see myself in the front mirrors (really you can only see yourself in the front mirror if you’re in the first three lines). But I didn’t get to the room in time and the the left side was full like full full – mats on top of mats full which meant I was stuck in the middle of the room but I wasn’t alone a new friend from Norway was the row behind me and we agreed to stay near each other and practice together. I don’t know how but somehow we got through the class together and did EVERY single posture! I didn’t cheat on my water intake either! You know, as I’m writing about it and remembering it the class doesn’t seem as if it was that hard – I think while I was in it it seemed hard but after revisiting it I can acknowledge that it was a tough class but I finished it and I felt stronger than ever. So I guess the teacher knew what he was doing because I feel stronger and I don’t dislike him…so good job! I was in between two lovely women during this class one from the states and one from Italy who helped me go higher than I’ve ever gone in full locust – she just wouldn’t let me put my arms down higher than my head! So I’m a bit sore from that posture but it’s a good sore.

Since the class was tough and people were dropping like flies they decided to let students out – a lot of people left or had to be helped out but the majority of folks stayed on their mat or came back in to finish the class. We start 330 strong and we always hope to finish 330 strong!

Posture Clinics continued this week – we did standing head to knee, standing bow pulling pose, and balancing stick (I haven’t delivered balancing stick yet). Posture clinics are getting better and I feel that the tips folks are receiving are being put to use. For example, I’m trying to speak more from my diaphragm so that my voice projects – it’s better for my throat and will help me from going hoarse when I’m teaching. And one of the girls in my group who comes across as quite timid has really stepped up her game always volunteering to go first and she’s been putting her hands on her hips (a tip she received) so she comes across as more forceful and confident when she delivers. I’m proud of everyone in my group. We’re doing amazing and for the most part we’re scrambling over each other to deliver the dialogue while the other group that we’re with (we go in groups of two; i.e group 15 and 14 or group 15 and 3) are sometimes a bit laid back. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to go but someone from my group has jumped up faster than me and I have to wait another two rounds!

On Friday night Raj arrived and she taught the most beautiful class on Saturday morning. We only have one class on Saturday morning and it’s a free for all, meaning you can sit wherever you want in the front the back the middle we don’t have to be in our assigned rows. The back row is the first to fill up on Saturday’s – it’s quite funny. Raj taught our class and she has such a gentle and loving spirit. I felt so strong in her class – she was so gentle with us and caring (she opened the doors!!) and she gave really good corrections to everyone. There is just something about her presence – she’s calm but still so incredibly strong. At the end of her class she read this beautiful poem that I want to leave you with on this Thursday evening.

The Invitation by Oriah
It doesn’t interest me
what you do for a living.
I want to know
what you ache for
and if you dare to dream
of meeting your heart’s longing.

It doesn’t interest me
how old you are.
I want to know
if you will risk
looking like a fool
for love
for your dream
for the adventure of being alive.

It doesn’t interest me
what planets are
squaring your moon…
I want to know
if you have touched
the centre of your own sorrow
if you have been opened
by life’s betrayals
or have become shrivelled and closed
from fear of further pain.

I want to know
if you can sit with pain
mine or your own
without moving to hide it
or fade it
or fix it.

I want to know
if you can be with joy
mine or your own
if you can dance with wildness
and let the ecstasy fill you
to the tips of your fingers and toes
without cautioning us
to be careful
to be realistic
to remember the limitations
of being human.

It doesn’t interest me
if the story you are telling me
is true.
I want to know if you can
disappoint another
to be true to yourself.
If you can bear
the accusation of betrayal
and not betray your own soul.
If you can be faithless
and therefore trustworthy.

I want to know if you can see Beauty
even when it is not pretty
every day.
And if you can source your own life
from its presence.

I want to know
if you can live with failure
yours and mine
and still stand at the edge of the lake
and shout to the silver of the full moon,

It doesn’t interest me
to know where you live
or how much money you have.
I want to know if you can get up
after the night of grief and despair
weary and bruised to the bone
and do what needs to be done
to feed the children.

It doesn’t interest me
who you know
or how you came to be here.
I want to know if you will stand
in the centre of the fire
with me
and not shrink back.

It doesn’t interest me
where or what or with whom
you have studied.
I want to know
what sustains you
from the inside
when all else falls away.

I want to know
if you can be alone
with yourself
and if you truly like
the company you keep
in the empty moments.

Sorry! You want me to put the toilet paper where??! Week 3 Recap

Greetings from beautiful Thailand. Another weekend is over which means another week of Bikram Yoga Teacher Training is starting…but first lets recap Week 3 and Week 4.

Week Three started with a bang, posture clinic and anatomy. As you remember the boss left at the end of our second week to handle business across the states, Japan and a few other places. He left us in good hands with the senior teachers, visiting teachers and a great doctor who would be teaching us anatomy. Anatomy is compulsory for graduating from the training.

Everyone was really looking forward to anatomy and learning more about the human body, joints, muscles, etc – myself included. I had heard from other graduates that the anatomy doctor for our course is fantastic and really engaging. This year we had a new doctor since the training was in Thailand. We were lucky enough to secure Dr.Haldar from India. He’s a world renowned orthopedic surgeon who is part of the International Drug Doping Council from Tennis.

We had anatomy during the day 12 – 4pm Monday – Friday learning about the skeletal system and muscle system in the first week. The first day was a bit testy because the doctor wanted to build a foundation for what we were learning (he started by explaining the human body system and a few other things) but those things wouldn’t be on the test and we sorta just wanted to know what would be on the test and how do each of the 26 postures directly relate to the muscles and joints in the body. Well the doctor wasn’t quite there yet but after getting the kinks out the rest of the week flowed quite smoothly.

The doctor did a great job explaining each of the Skeletal, Articular, and Muscular System. We went over the following:
Joints – hinge joint, ball & socket – I probably should have paid more attention when we covered the joints but I have my handy dandy anatomy coloring book that I’ll be referencing well into the future (Thanks boss!!)Bone Structure – we have 206 bones in the human body; some are flat (sternum), sesamoid (patella), long (humerous), irregular (vertebrae), and short (trapezoid).
Vertebrae – Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, Sacral and Cocygeal – This was really interesting because we do a lot of backbending in Bikram so it was interesting to know which part of the back we’re bending when doing backbending vs. camel pose vs. standing bow pulling. Each of those postures focuses on a different part of the back and the bend is a different feeling in each posture. For example, in backbending we bend the lower back, middle back and upper back which would be the Cervical (upper), Thoracic (middle), and Lumbar (lower). This will be helpful when teaching students.
Muscular System – how it works, what it attaches to, what it does – i.e. the principle action of a muscle is to contract. Which muscles we use for which postures, etc etc.

Our first test is on Monday!

Posture Clinic
This is where we get together in groups of about 40 trainees to deliver the dialogue to our senior teachers and demonstrate the posture. PC is nerve wracking even when you’re prepared because you have to deliver the dialogue correctly, show your personality, and have energy. It sounds easier than it really is I swear.  In week 3 we went through the following postures: back bending, hands to feet pose, awkward and eagle.  I had memorized back bending and hands to feet pose before coming to training so I didn’t have to focus on those as much. Awkward on the other hand was quite difficult – the posture has three steps to it and each step is pretty detailed. We had to deliver all three parts of the posture. Eagle was pretty easy to memorize probably because I like that posture and it’s simply all about twisting your body like ropes.

The general feedback that I received was that I need more energy (I know!), my voice needs more infliction and I’ve got to work on my projection. Apparently my voice doesn’t carry very well which I found interesting because I’m pretty sure most of my friends think I talk too loud all the time. But what the one senior teacher meant was that I needed to talk more from my diaphragm and not just use my voice. I’ve been working on contracting my muscles every time that I talk and having more energy when delivering the posture in clinic. I get so nervous up there that I just repeat the dialogue without really looking at my demonstrators (fellow students)…I’m trying to work on this making sure I’m completely connected with the body when delivering each posture.

What else happened in week 3??! Oh yes! We were instructed to start putting the toilet paper in the bin vs the toilet. Apparently in Thailand the septic system isn’t what it is in the US and the hotel staff requested that we put the toilet paper (from 1 and 2) in the bin. We had a pretty in depth conversation about this because people were very confused about why we can’t flush it and what we were supposed to use if we couldn’t use the toilet paper. In Thailand each bathroom stall has a hose with it that you’re supposed to use to rinse yourself (yes this is a real conversation that happened explaining how to use the hose) after going to the bathroom. It was sorta like the Cottonelle commercial – use the toilet paper and the wet wipes for a smooth feeling. The problem with not flushing the toilet paper is that they bins in our room aren’t being cleared each day. The bins are only cleared when the room is cleaned which is twice a week (normally the hotel cleans rooms everyday but since we’re at a discounted rate we’re only cleaned twice a week – we get fresh towels/bottle water daily). It’s pretty gross when you think about it cause the bin is just filled with used toilet paper but the septic system in the hotel is working better so I guess it’s a win for the hotel.

I think you’ll find this funny apparently someone flushed a banana peel down the toilet cause that’s where that goes…

Week Three finished with 32 classes! I feel stronger after each class and I’ve been working on breaking my bad water habits. Unfortunately, I did have a rough class this week (as in week 3) where I drank water as we moved into the spine strengthening series – I just couldn’t resist and needed the water. It tasted very good. Very very good.

The weekend of week 3 was a rainy one so I stayed in with friends and just studied the dialogue. I’ve gotten as far as Triangle Pose (# 9). Still have a lot of ground to cover but the teachers recommended being 3 – 4 postures ahead of where we are in posture clinic so I’m in a good place.

A few photos from Week 3:

Anatomy Book; Anatomy Notes; practicing awkward; practicing back bend; ready for posture clinic; maybe Kelsey isn’t ready!; week 3 class count 🙂

anatomy book anatomy study guide practicing awkward practicing back bending pre posture clinic sigh week 3

Where are the spring rolls?

Everyone has asked about the food during training. We’re very lucky this training because food is included in our tuition. This doesn’t often happen because Bikram Yoga Teacher Training usually takes place in LA at the LAX Radisson(Thank you god for small favors and training being in Thailand!). So because training is in Thailand this year and the Sentido Graceland Khao Lak resort is pretty remote we get our food included. So no illegal hot pots in the room for making rice and pasta or eating sandwiches breakfast, lunch and dinner. We’re been fed by 5 star chefs (well…)

Mostly, we’ve been eating a lot of curry in what I will no refer to as the mess hall cause that’s basically what it is for training. It’s the main dining room at the Sentido Graceland Khao Lak and it’s buffet style. In the morning we have bacon, pork sausage (that looks suspect), chicken sausage (see the previous aside) and pork ham (because that needed to be clarified apparently). We have an omelette station that’s pretty good – you can usually find me eating omelettes bacon, crossiants and pain au chocolat. During this first meal which is after our 8am class so it’s generally around 11 – 12:15ish they also serve lunch. Bikram refers to it as “brunch”. For lunch, they’ll serve a pasta of sorts (one time it was pasta with leftover bacon and an olive oil sauce), a few different curries, roasted potatoes, a mixed vegetable in an oyster sauce. We also have access to a fancy coffee bar to get a much needed double espresso, or cappucino, or just a plain americano if that’s your style.

Dinner is pretty much leftover lunch – those mixed vegetables in oyster sauce have now been put in a red sauce and the label has been changed to vegetable rattioulle (spelling). If we’re lucky they’ll be serving some type of red meat (we’ve have beef three times – last night there was even steak!). We generally always have a chicken of some kind or the other. Chicken cashew or chicken curry or chicken in soya sauce. Last night we had a chicken in a red wine sauce – honestly it wasn’t too bad.

Listen, the food isn’t bad and I’m not complaining but I would do anything for a simple piece of grilled chicken or roasted vegetables (that aren’t in a sauce or curry) just plain vegetables.

The one thing that I am loving is the spring rolls which we haven’t had in awhile. Last night there was a spring roll sighting (and yes I took 4 and yes I would have taken more had there not been an actual tourist behind me) I love spring rolls and the spring rolls are delicious. They are so good…so so so good. The first week we had them at every meal and I was basically living off of them but now they are a rarity.

They’ve served us french fries twice in a row – there was a mad dash for the french fries everyone kept asking “Where did you get the fries?” with this crazed look on their face. I was one of those people – let’s just say that there was a line for the french area and everyone was in the line to devour french fries! If only they had bbq sauce but we can’t have everything.

A few people are struggling with the food due to dietary restrictions. When we first found out that food was included I think a few people thought that their dietary restrictions wouldn’t be a problem. But wrong. We’re being served by the hotel and Bikram doesn’t have much to do with the actual food (besides saying more and more meat!). So if you’re vegan, gluten free, or some other restriction it is very tough to eat. Very very tough. I know a few vegetarians that are eating bacon because they need the protein to get through two classes a day and I know others that are just eating a lot of plain rice and when there are veggies in soya sauce they are very very happy!

Some folks have gotten sick from the food either at the hotel mess hall or the italian restaurant (which is part of the hotel) near the beach or from the food at the beach. I’ve been lucky because I haven’t gotten sick…but I’ve also been taking a probiotic for intestinal health and my doctor did give me a few prescriptions for upset stomach. I’ll probably need those meds in Vietnam!

Corn Flakes with a lot of sugar – I justify the sugar because I’m losing a lot of glucose with two classes a day. Please note I would still use this much sugar on Frosted Flakes!

corn flakes

Quick snap of the drink station – we only get free juice, coffee, milk, etc during “brunch”. The juices are usually orange (which I’m calling more of an orange drink than juice!), pineapple drink, grape, and the best one is the punch drink but we don’t have that all the time! There is also fresh milk and soy milk but you have to ask for that from the back.

drink station

We get tons of fresh fruit in Thailand – I’m eating 2 – 3 plates of watermelon a day! It’s so good. On the other side of the fruit station is the salad bar which was lacking today (10/9/14). There wasn’t a lot of greens to make my faux cobb salad!

fruit station

This was my dinner last night (10/8/14) – we had somes greens! Hurray! I had spring rolls, morning glory and pad thai!


Here is a shot of Janis – we celebrated her 66th birthday at the Italian restaurant near the beach. The flies were all over me that night but the food was good! And the pizza was delicious! Happy Birthday Janis!!

janis birthday pizza

Here’s a shot of the “mess hall”

mess hall

Here’s the class of “orange juice” See why I call it orange drink?? I drink about two a day because I like it and I’m a sugar addict.

Here’s a shot of my mushroom truffle oil risotto from the birthday celebration – it was delicious! Who knew Thai’s can make great italian food??!

This is the salad I had for “brunch” this morning – it was a faux cobb. There’s always plenty of bacon in the morning so I took a few slices chopped them up and threw them on greens with watermelon, cheese, carrots, and my own speciality dressing – I use balsamic and red wine vinegar, olive oil, and “french dressing”. The french dressing is basically a garlic ranch sauce…but hey I’m not complaining!

Gems by Bikram & Others – Week 2

Greetings from Thailand! The boss has left but before he took off he gave a couple of great lines during week two that I wanted to share:

“First thing I would do if I was president for the day is make tattoos illegal and cocaine legal”

“All of you have a voice problem”

“4 things I don’t like, cold food, cold hearted people, cold weather and cold pussy.” Yup. That happened

“Today, I am a Bengal tiger that’s why I started lecture with a pussy joke”
“I raised Charlie Sheen
“I throw you in a blender and mix you” – referencing the hot room!

“Harvard University asked me how I make money, I said, I don’t thought, I just lock the fucking knee”

“The most import thing in our life is going to the fucking bathroom.”

“I was a dog killer, did you know that?”

“Tutufelaydusaymove” (this is prob misspelled bangali) it means spit & then jump in your own spit and die. Sorta the equivalent of the American “eat shit & die”

“Your mind is in my hands-palms” This is very true.

“Boss-speak louder, you got an infection from the last girl” – a fellow trainee not speaking loud enough during half moon dialogue lecture

“If food came I would say, No, you lock the knee first!”

“Teaching yoga is a hobby; it is not my profession” – wise wise words from the boss

“I create governor, I create president”

“In India calling someone a “Business Man” is the equivalent of calling them an asshole.” Good to know!

“My each balls is 200 lb nuclear bombs”

“I started whole foods. my student owns it.”

“What is the best food? No food”

“The last breakfast I had…1964”

“They’re human. I’m not human. I’m monster.”

“Can I have my bag? I need my chapstick!” He’s a man after my hurt – I think he loves chapstick almost as much as I do!

“If you do yoga you can control your mind. Control the world”

“The mind is everything what are you going to do with your life”

“”Mind can make you Hitler or Bin Laden or Mother Teresa or Jesus”

“Greedy is not that bad”

“Elvis Presley is one of my close friends” Unfortunately, Bikram couldn’t save him 😦 RIP.

“Medical science so stupid yet they still make money from us”

“You have no idea what I’m talking about”

“The main point is coming” after lecturing for about 60 minutes…He’s his own hype man 🙂

Here are a few quotes from trainees & senior teachers from Week 2

“What are we supposed to do if there is a snake in the room? Call the front desk?” Trainee from NYC – so one of the girls found a snake in her room. Some say her room is on the 1st floor other say it was on the 3rd floor. Either way, there’s a snake involved…

“Is it pass / fail” – trainee, referencing our anatomy test or maybe posture clinic or perhaps the whole training

“Be here. Be Now. Be this moment” – Senior Teacher

“Please be normal” – Senior Teacher

“Are we stuck with the same leaders everytime?” This is in reference to posture clinics – we rotate senior teachers!

“Aren’t Bikram’s glasses emerald?” – Trainee  We’re not allowed to wear any green and one guy asked this question…to which the senior teacher responded “NEXT!”

And the best question from a fellow trainee is this one:

“Once we’re down with these questions are we excused?”

The final quote that I’m going to leave you with is from the boss:

“I sell life…good life, successful life, long life!” Cheers to the good life!

Boss is back on the 14th but I’ll have quotes from Week 3 – we just started posture clinic and I’m sure lots of funny things will be said as we start memorizing the dialogue!

Finally got my appetite back so I’m off to lunch. Will post about the food later!