Unexpected Rapid Hair Growth = Drink lots of WATER

I am amazed and quite honestly flabbergasted by my hair growth over the past 11 months. Last June, I cut off all of my hair in anticipation of attending Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand. I figured with all the classes that I would be taking plus lectures, studying and the heat (inside the room and out) I wouldn’t have the time (which I didn’t) or the focus to really “do” my hair. So i big chopped – cut off four years of hair growth and was ready to start fresh. In all honesty, I had been dying to cut off my hair for years, I was always jealous of folks rocking little TWA’s (teeny weeny afros) but I didn’t have the guts to actually cut off my hair but last year I finally found it.

June 2014 Hair Cut: I was so happy in this pic! Just felt to free!!!

June 2014

Anyway, back to the hair growth, my hair is almost back to the growth of last spring in just 11 short months. I can’t believe it and I started thinking why exactly has it grown back so fast this time. Have I started taking better care of my hair? Has my diet changed? What’s really different this time around?

You know what the difference is? WATER.

I spent nine weeks in Thailand, taking 97 hot (and I do mean very very hot) bikram classes, sweating in the room, lecture room, and outside which lead to me drinking A LOT of water. I was probably drinking one to two gallons of water a day, actually it was probably more. I needed to stay hydrated to survive training and I always had my hydroflask full of water and I was chugging before, during, and after class. Everyone has always said that drinking lots of water is good for a clear skin complexion but it’s also great for maintaining healthy and happy (nappy!) hair too. Think about it? If your body is dehydrated than your hair is also dehydrated. It needs the water has much as your body does…so give your hair what it wants lots of water!

I wasn’t always just drinking plain water while at training, I also would take two (2) Emergen-C packs every day like clockwork – one after class and one during lecture (or posture clinic). Emergen-C was great for putting back in the good stuff that my body was losing from sweating so much…vitamins C, B, Calcium, Folic Acid, Magnesium, Zinc and a whole slew of other nutrients I needed. One key nutrient for hair growth are the B complex vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12 which are all in Emergen-C.

B Complex vitamins are essential micronutrients that assistn in optimal health and well being. B Vitamins have a minimal risk of toxicity and are water soluble whilst promoting overall health to the body. The combination of these vitamins helps promote hair growth as they assist with conditioning and strengthening hair.

B1, B2, and B3 nourishment of hair follicle cells.

B6 – dandruff prevention (as someone that is prone to drandruff this makes me very happy!)

B12 – hair loss prevention; it also helps produce red blood cells which helps to deliver oxygen to your hair follicle assisting in healthy hair.

In a nutshell B vitamins are a blessing for your hair so as Porsha would so “go get you some!”

The last thing that I think was key in helping my hair grow – I wasn’t in it all the time. I wasn’t combing, detangling, twisting, etc I was just simply washing, deep conditioning, oiling my hair on a weekly basis. That’s it. For the first time in about four years my hair routine was simply simple.

Hair After Training (no manipulation)

November 2014

First Twist Out: December 2014 – Australia

December 2014 First Twist Out

April 2015: Curls Popping – twisted hair!

April Twist Out

Hair prior to the 2nd Big Chop: This is a pic from my last trip to Maine where I decided to go to teacher training – June 2014

Hair in Maine

Hair 2015 – Super Stretched! But look at the growth! CRAZY

May 3rd


10 thoughts on “Unexpected Rapid Hair Growth = Drink lots of WATER

  1. Yes girl! Get some B Vitamins – I am honestly very surprised by how quickly my hair has grown. Make sure to drink lots of water too!! Enjoy your journey and thanks for reading & commenting!! xx


  2. Hello, Thank you for sharing your experience. I was wondering…Could there be another reason, your hair grew back so quickly ? I’m assuming your diet in Thailand was different than your diet in the US. Could diet be a contributing factor ? Also, during the time it took for your hair to grow back (11 months) , did you consume 1 to 2 gallons per day ? Or did you only drink heavily in the Thai heat ?


    • Hi Ross! My diet was a bit different in Thailand so that is a great point but I was still eating a lot because two Bikram classes in crazy Thailand heat takes a lot out of you. I was probably drinking a gallon of water per day when I was in training and teaching up to two glasses per day in Australia. There was definitely a lot of water consumption! I don’t drink nearly as much water now


    • Hi Rakesh! I never thought about the sweating helping but it could have possibly helped. I’m not practicing as much as I used to and I haven’t noticed a change in my hair growth.


  3. Thanks for sharing but do you really attribute the growth to just water and vitamins? Or is this simply the normal length your hair grows to and would’ve grown anyway? I think it made your hair healthier if anything.


    • Hi Missy! Good point – I was in an incredibly isolated situation during training and haven’t been able to replicate that much growth since returning state side. I had a cousin see my pic after being away and she thought there was no way I had done the big chop for the 2nd time back in August. It is possible that my hair just grew that fast – the first time I chopped I had no idead how to take care of my natural hair but the 2nd time I had better hair knowledge plus the water and vitamins…i think it all contributed to my growth.


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