Homemade Conditioner

When I landed in Australia I didn’t realize it would be so hard to get the natural hair products that I could easily pick up in the US at Target or the local beauty store in Harlem. Honestly, I didn’t expect the locally run Korean beauty shop to be in Melbourne but Melbs has a Target and Melbs also has people with curly hair (albeit white people but curly hair is curly hair) yet I couldn’t find my favorite conditioner and shampoo (Kinky Curly Come Clean and Knot Today) for my life which lead me to making my own products.

Thinking back on it I’m actually quite happy that I started to make my own products – one product I need the most is a great conditioner. Natural Hair requires a lot of work and part of that is in finding the best conditioner to properly moisturize, detangle and keep my curls popping! I started making my own conditioner with the following:

  • One Egg – Benefit: protein; this help rebuild damaged tresses – so if you’re one of those girls that uses a lot of heat, coloring, etc you want some protein in your life (and most importantly in your hair) If you have protein sensitive hair obviously skip this particular ingredient. Including this ingredient will help you maintain strong hair growth.
  • Banana – Benefit: potassium & moisturizer;this particular ingredient will minimize breakage as it restores your hairs elasticity and will repair damage (read: overheated and colored) hair. Bananas also include naturals oils and have 75% water. Also Bananas smell good too but you gotta be careful to strain them properly or you will have banana in your hair (#truestory #thankgodformirrors
  • EV Olive Oil Benefit: promote scalp health and prevents dandruff. It also includes Vitamin E Oil, fatty acids, and antioxidants for hair growth. It also improves strength and elasticity
  • Coconut Oil; Benefit: fight frizz, helps with dandruffs, and a wonderful moisturizer
  • Aloe Vera Juice (this was hard to find) – reduces hair shedding, dandruff, increase hair shine and acts as a natural humectant (are important cosmetic ingredients allowing to prevent loss of moisture thereby retaining the skin’s natural moisture. Some compounds also have the ability to actively attract moisture.)
  • Rose hip Oil – helps soothe a scalp and relieves dandruff plus it helps alleviate dry hair

I liked this conditioner because I had all the ingredients in my kitchen with the exception of the Rosehip Oil and the Aloe Vera Juice. I trekked all over Melbs to find Aloe Vera Juice (which I didn’t find) but I did find the Rose hip oil which has basically changed my life. It’s amazing. I could only find Aloe Vera Drink (until I returned to the US and Trader Joe’s).

The first time I made the conditioner (sans Aloe Vera Juice) I found it to be way to runny and it actually ran down my face (and cause a major breakout on the right side of my cheek – ugh). I don’t think I measured the oils properly; I am pretty heavy handed with Olive Oil and Coconut oil and got my face totally busted for about 4 months. It was horrible. So besides the breakout my hair did feel well conditioned, my scalp wasn’t itchy or dry but I did have bananas in my hair (I needed to strain better!). I made too much conditioner so I had to throw out half because it doesn’t last very well due to the egg. I thought the idea of using this conditioner two weeks later would lead to ringworm or some type of fungus in my hair due to the egg being spoiled.

If you are protein sensitive just skip the egg part and add additional banana. While this was my favorite conditioner in Australia I started making a new one once I arrived back stateside and it has quickly become my new fav. My hair loves it, it taste amazing and it only requires four ingredients. Win Win. I’ll post more about this later!

Full Disclosure: I first discovered this conditioner via Naptural85 but made some changes – this was originally her Protein Sensitive Conditioner but I added protein (egg) and additional Oils (EVOO, Coconut Oil)


Office Politics

As many of you know I traded in the corporate lifestyle and the politics that go with it for a life as a yoga teacher…unfortunately, I still find myself navigating politics but in the yoga room. I guess I can’t be surprised I do live in a battleground state and politics matter here in OHIO but I’m not talking about Trump’s brashness or Obama’s current ratings or even Clinton’s emailgate – I’m talking the politics of working at a yoga studio…

I’ve been teaching at the studio for four months and it has been a great experience. I received a warm welcome and loved coming to the studio to teach and interacting with the students…but recently things have felt a bit off. I don’t always feel welcomed in the studio not by the students – the students are great but mostly by the teachers (not all the teachers but a few). As if me deciding to take the plunge to go back into corporate (more on that later) is a travesty of sorts. When I was trying to figure out a potential job offer I was forthcoming with the studio about my inability to commit to August and was given a deadline. The time I got the deadline I was told that the class schedule would be changed and I would maybe only be able to get 1 – 2 classes a week.I was surprised but I understand and felt that if the studio needed to go to less classes for the business I totally understood but it seems that wasn’t the case.

My deadline came for committing to August and I sent the studio owner an email stating that I hadn’t heard back from the job but I wouldn’t be able to commit to the month of August because I thought I had the job in the bag. That was my mistake – I shouldn’t have put all of my eggs in one basket but I really thought I had nailed the interviews and was expecting an offer. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive an offer and told the studio that I would be able to teach but lo and behold they had found another teacher.

I was honestly upset about this because I thought the schedule was changing (for business reasons). I know that I put myself in this pickle but still I was hurt that I was so easily replaced in less than 24 hours and that they couldn’t reach out to the new teacher and explain that she wasn’t needed (yes i know that is quite egotistical of me!) because I could continue teaching. I was also annoyed that the studio manager and I had talked about a particular weekend of me covering her classes but shed didn’t put me on the schedule – instead she put herself down and then asked me if I could pick up the classes even though I had already told her in July that I could. I felt that was a bit passive aggressive and I felt a bit slighted.

I’m not entirely sure how I can navigate this particular scenario especially since I’ll most likely be relocating to this city and would like to teach at the studio – one to times a week. So again I feel myself in a bit of a conundrum trying to manage politics of a yoga studio. I don’t want to beg for classes and I’m happy to pick up classes but I also want to have set classes as well.

I’ve navigated the office politics and I guess I’ll learn to navigate politics of the yoga studio as well.