Office Politics

As many of you know I traded in the corporate lifestyle and the politics that go with it for a life as a yoga teacher…unfortunately, I still find myself navigating politics but in the yoga room. I guess I can’t be surprised I do live in a battleground state and politics matter here in OHIO but I’m not talking about Trump’s brashness or Obama’s current ratings or even Clinton’s emailgate – I’m talking the politics of working at a yoga studio…

I’ve been teaching at the studio for four months and it has been a great experience. I received a warm welcome and loved coming to the studio to teach and interacting with the students…but recently things have felt a bit off. I don’t always feel welcomed in the studio not by the students – the students are great but mostly by the teachers (not all the teachers but a few). As if me deciding to take the plunge to go back into corporate (more on that later) is a travesty of sorts. When I was trying to figure out a potential job offer I was forthcoming with the studio about my inability to commit to August and was given a deadline. The time I got the deadline I was told that the class schedule would be changed and I would maybe only be able to get 1 – 2 classes a week.I was surprised but I understand and felt that if the studio needed to go to less classes for the business I totally understood but it seems that wasn’t the case.

My deadline came for committing to August and I sent the studio owner an email stating that I hadn’t heard back from the job but I wouldn’t be able to commit to the month of August because I thought I had the job in the bag. That was my mistake – I shouldn’t have put all of my eggs in one basket but I really thought I had nailed the interviews and was expecting an offer. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive an offer and told the studio that I would be able to teach but lo and behold they had found another teacher.

I was honestly upset about this because I thought the schedule was changing (for business reasons). I know that I put myself in this pickle but still I was hurt that I was so easily replaced in less than 24 hours and that they couldn’t reach out to the new teacher and explain that she wasn’t needed (yes i know that is quite egotistical of me!) because I could continue teaching. I was also annoyed that the studio manager and I had talked about a particular weekend of me covering her classes but shed didn’t put me on the schedule – instead she put herself down and then asked me if I could pick up the classes even though I had already told her in July that I could. I felt that was a bit passive aggressive and I felt a bit slighted.

I’m not entirely sure how I can navigate this particular scenario especially since I’ll most likely be relocating to this city and would like to teach at the studio – one to times a week. So again I feel myself in a bit of a conundrum trying to manage politics of a yoga studio. I don’t want to beg for classes and I’m happy to pick up classes but I also want to have set classes as well.

I’ve navigated the office politics and I guess I’ll learn to navigate politics of the yoga studio as well.


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